December 19, 2013 By Janne Salovaara 0

Big Plans Bakery – a Sustainable Think/Do-Tank, Since 2012

Big Plans Bakery is an interdisciplinary organisation that fits somewhere between a think tank and a design consultancy – which is why we call it a think/do tank. We’re at our best in producing solutions to problems that come between people and a sustainable future. We’re experts of systemic transition.

Our solutions are based on valid theory that is then proven in tangible actions – this assures the scientific and ethical integrity that is the centre of our operational values.

Truly understanding the problem context, or the system of problems, is the right starting point of every successful project. The most important thing is to plan a project and a solution that fits the needs, thus best serves the issue itself.

Big Plans Bakery is a young organisation, but is highly experienced through its members’ backgrounds in responsible business, sustainable development, conscious consumption, social inclusion and service design, to name a few.

Our clients come form all sectors – People, Private and Public.