December 19, 2013 By Janne Salovaara 0


Big Plans Bakery is a cross-disciplinary company of young professionals coming from a wide variety of disciplines from the well established to the up and coming. The connecting factor of our studies, projects and skills – our backgrounds is the interest towards our society and a strong belief that even a small company can do meaningful things. The founding members have studied and taught themselves business, social sciences, design, technology – and fields that combine these. The members are experienced in organising workshops, facilitation, co-creation, fieldwork, grassroot mobilization and production of events – the skills needed to make change happen.


Our work experience comes from the fields of research and development, politics, communications, design, marketing, environment, associational work, corporate social responsibility and, last but not least, business. In addition Big Plans Bakery has a wide international network of contacts to bring in specific know-how and know-why on those areas we don’t have first hand experience in. We believe in collaboration over competition, as we believe that most of us have a stake in these issues we share and believe that we all know different.

The best way to witness our skills is to invite us to tackle real life problems.