December 19, 2013 By Janne Salovaara 0

Big Plans Bakery was born from a need to do better the things that can and should be done better. Common sense. Many of our doers recognize that the world in making has a massive gap between theory and practice. We are here to bridge this gap.

Defining all the aspects of a problem with a critical view is crucial in a project, but is often disregarded and given far too little resources and time. Uncertain and stochastic world can appear as too unconstructed and impossible to handle. Unfortunately too many projects done for issues like these, does accumulate good knowledge of the issue and the phenomena around it, but doesn’t really suggest any plans for the alleviation or to further the issue. Plans and planned chain of actions, that make the first concrete steps easy enough to be taken, but aiming for big enough impact to be meaningful.

We wanted to create a place to ourselves where we can do things right from the get-go and where businesses and communities can bring in their complex problems to be solved. It’s a place where we can do the work that is most needed in an uncertain world.